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The bistro-culture arrives on the Durban beachfront

With all that the Durban beachfront has to offer, a bistro-culture has always been a missing attraction – until now that is. The incomparable Café Jiran has taken the quintessential European sidewalk way-of-life and made it their very own.

Close to the action, close to the sea, a shady oasis with balmy breezes that flow off the Indian ocean, together with the very finest refreshments, all make the Café Jiran a venue that is rapidly becoming a ‘must-go-to’ for coffee aficionados, lovers of smoothies, and for a decidedly different approach to a tasty snack or relaxed evening dining.

Executi Chef: William Whitham

The original bistros were small, moderately-priced restaurants in Paris that, due to space constraints, spilled out onto the sidewalk creating a unique form of eatery.

The term is thought to originate from 1815 when, during the Russian occupation of Paris, Cossacks who wanted to be served quickly would shout ‘bystro’ (quickly in Russian). French history buffs, however, think that it is derivation of bistroulle, a French term for Brandy mixed with coffee. Whatever its origin the term ‘Bistro’ is now synonymous with atmosphere and the enjoyment of good food.

Enjoy the buzz; though not quite at the ‘queue-for-the-table’ stage; Café Jiran is now THE place to visit on the Durban beachfront if you want to relax, refresh and enjoy life.

Lunch & Dinner Menu is served from 12:00 pm monday - Sunday
To reserve a table please contact Jiran on - 031 332 4485
Dress - Smart Casual
Menu and Prices subject to change without prior notice

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TEL: 031 332 4485
FAX: 08 666 14202