Exclusive, Luxury Hotel Suites in Durban

Many visitors are now choosing the option of exclusive, luxury hotel suites as opposed to self-catering appartments when visiting the Durban Beachfront . There are various reasons for choosing the very best in exclusive luxury hotel suites in Durban.

Our exclusive, 4-Star luxury hotel suites in Durban, Belaire Suites, boast the prime location between the Durban Beachfront’s Battery Beach and North Beach. That means if you’re visiting Durban for any of the world class surfing events held a few steps away, for the many beach festivals held throughout the year or if you’re here just too relax, enjoy the sea air and Durban’s sensational year round climate, Belaire Suites has it all.

We offer luxury hotel suites in Durban at affordable prices. Not only do we have magnificent sea views, we are in the process of upgrading our apartments so that you can experience that much more comfort. Our apartments are fully furnished with clean and tasteful marble bathrooms and full kitchenette facilities. We also offer you 18 DSTV channels for your entertainment.

Some of the local attractions and amenities include:

So if you are looking for an affordable luxury hotel in Durban, contact us now.